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The Nutfield Sessions is a FREE "Acoustic Open Mic" attracting local musicians and audience members who appreciate live performance in a comfortable, casual, and family friendly environment. Whether you are an amateur musician, seasoned pro, or just someone who enjoys listening to a variety of music featuring acoustic instruments and vocals, The Nutfield Sessions are a great way to spend a winter evening.

When: The Nutfield Sessions presents an Open Mic night on the first Thursday of the month, from 6:00 to 9:00 PM. Musician sign up begins at 5:30 PM.

Where: Nutfield Sessions will be held at O’Shea’s Caife & Tae, 44 Nashua Rd, Londonderry, New Hampshire 03053 – phone 603-540-2971. Here is a Google Maps link for directions.


We welcome acoustic music fans to join us for a fun evening of performances and fellowship. No reservations required - just drop in when you'd like - and feel free to enjoy some of the delicious food, coffee and teas available from our host, O’Shea’s Caife & Tae.


How it works: The Nutfield Sessions are geared for solo performers and small ensembles. A PA system will be provided along with several vocal and instrument microphones available on stage. This is a "plug and play" format, meaning musicians are expected to walk on stage, plug in and perform. We encourage folks to be in-tune and ready to go when called to the stage.

Since we want to feature as many performers as possible during the time available, we can't accommodate more complex setups involving keyboards, drum kit's, etc. - or larger groups of musicians (e.g. five or more) requiring sound checks. We like to keep it simple and straightforward.

Sign-up: We'll have a sign-up sheet at the door beginning at 5:30 PM - music begins at 6:00 PM. Musicians are called to the stage in the order they sign-up. If you'd like to arrive early to ensure a slot, but play later in the evening, you can sign up for a number further down the list. However, when that number is called - you need to be ready to go.

Individual set times and/or songs performed will depend on the number of names on the sign-up sheet at any given time throughout the evening. Fewer names mean longer sets, more names mean shorter sets. Typically, we recommend having 2 or 3 numbers averaging 3 to 5 minutes each ready to perform. Also, showing up later in the evening may mean we have more musicians in the wings and less time to work with - so, please plan accordingly. We also encourage everyone to stick around to support their fellow performers, and not bolt for the door when coming off stage.

The hosts will conduct a sound check and opening set at the beginning of the evening and close out the night with a final set. We reserve the right to adjust the performances throughout the evening to ensure a smooth flow and quality experience for everyone.

Merchandise: We have made arrangements with O’Shea’s to allow merchandise to be sold (i.e. CD's T-shirts, etc.). However, you are responsible for handling your own transactions and we accept no responsibility for any losses you may incur.


Greg Descoteaux and Larry Casey started The Nutfield Sessions in 2004 bringing quality acoustic music to a variety of venues throughout Londonderry over the years. The Open Mic's were held on a regular basis until 2010, when Greg and Larry decided to take a break. During the hiatus, they continued to support several causes and events in Londonderry by bringing quality musicians to the scene on an invitation only basis. The Nutfield Sessions Open Mic events are now back by popular demand under the sponsorship of the Londonderry Arts Council.

Greg Descoteaux is an exceptional musician/vocalist and luthier who has been "playing out" professionally his entire adult life. Currently, Greg appears at various venues throughout the area as a member of The Last Duo. Greg has run numerous Open Mic's over the years, including the very popular "First Friday of the Month" event at the Borders Bookstore in Nashua, NH.

Larry Casey describes himself as a "struggling musician" and enthusiast. If you get a chance to hear Larry perform at The Nuffield Sessions, you'll know what he means.


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